Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bigger than expected

If there's one brief I hate yet secretly love it's the low budget DM brief.

The kind of brief where you have enough money for a postcard or letter and that's about it.

The challenge to produce something noteworthy with a brief of this type is huge.

Which is why I hate them yet love them.

This campaign for Nissan Tiida by TBWA Dusseldorf is a great example of how to do more with a simple letter and envelope.

The proposition was essentially that the Tiida was a lot bigger inside than it looked from the outside.

It's a bit hard to see how nice this idea is as the photo isn't great, but essentially what looks like a standard A4 letter folds out way beyond that.

The letter reads when folded and cleverly incorporates new copy as it unfolds.

Shame we couldn't get a better look at it.