Friday, 28 May 2010

Don't be a Dick

No I'm not a dick.

Although if I was I'd probably be happy to offer my services in the hope that I might possibly get paid a token amount.

Regular visitors to DNA will know I'm no fan of crowdsourced creativity.

It's not the crowdsourcing I have a problem with. It's the devaluing of the only product our industry produces. Ideas.

Now it seems the people making the most money from crowdsourcing are looking for a new name for it.

And they're offering to pay $1,000 to the person that comes up with the winning name.

Now that might sound like a lot of money to a student hawking their folio but in the greater scheme of things it's peanuts.

Talk to any agency and that kind of money will probably get you between four and eight hours of thinking.


Because quality costs. And you generally get what you pay for.