Thursday, 13 May 2010

Agencies as brands

If an agency is big in digital. Really big. And they proudly proclaim their expertise in social media, where and how do they find new staff?

Is their reputation such that they have no need to advertise because everyone’s heard of them and people are desperate to work there?

Or does their prowess in social media ensure that every employee knows someone who knows someone who would be perfect for an upcoming position?

I’d have thought both of those options would apply. But maybe not.

Today I saw a full page ad in an ad industry trade mag for a well known digital agency advertising a number of positions.

Which obviously means they’re doing well. Which is great.

But I can’t ever remember seeing large scale job ads by the likes of Saatchis, BMF or DDB.

Why? Because the big names of adland are also big brands. Brands that people aspire to be a part of.

Personally I’m not so sure this applies to the big digital agencies.

Which may be why one of the biggest and best in the country is running full page staff wanted press ads.