Monday, 12 April 2010

Ask any Facebook user what they think whenever the site undergoes a redesign and they're sure to have things to complain about.

So why do popular social media sites feel the need to constantly tinker with their layout?

Or more importantly mess with the brand experience of their so called valued customers?

I've never seen a user experience survey on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even Foursquare. So why have all of them have changed recently?

Call me a grumpy old git if you want to but most of these changes seem to be nothing more than change for change sake.

And if a redesign requires a five minute video to explain the changes then surely something must be wrong.

Especially as YouTube was a pretty straightforward and easy to use site to begin with.

Yes I admit constant tinkering in the name of improvement is important. Especially in the digital world.

But why oh why do social media sites have to keep on messing with my brand experience?