Friday, 5 March 2010

What about listeners?

The radio station Nova started broadcasting around the time I returned to Melbourne after working in the UK.

I chanced upon it in my brother in-law's car and was instantly struck by how few ads they ran.

This was a big deal to me as I can't stand radio ads. I really can't.

Not long after I went to Nova's first birthday bash where they made a big fuss out of the fact that they only played two ads in a row in an ad break.

Which I'm sure you can appreciate is about 5 less than the average FM station.

Today I learnt that Nova are dropping their two ad policy.


According to station executive Cathy O'Connor, "The move introduces flexibility," and it "will allow us to collaborate with advertisers and agencies in new ways."

But what about the listeners Cathy?

Did you ask them if they want more ads? I doubt it.

But then again since when did listeners ever really matter to radio stations?

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