Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Scent of perfection

I stumbled on a great collection of vintage perfume ads today.

Although if truth be told most of them were far from great.

Which is quite surprising considering the fashion/design connections with fragrances.

One ad really caught my eye. The one above for Mitsouko.

It's quite striking don't you think.

Apparently it dates from the 1960's. Although judging by the model's eye make-up I suspect it may come from the early 70's.

The only othe perfume ad I know that comes close to it is this Chanel poster by Andy Warhol.

This ad dates from 1997 and the original poster can often be found at vintage poster outlets.

Warhol actually created this design in the 1980's but because of his death the images were not used until much later.

That's two utterly iconic fragrance ads. What a pity I couldn't recall any others. Can you?

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