Friday, 8 January 2010

Music television

There has been much written about the ailing music industry and the strategies musicians need to adopt to build a career in the digital age.

The best money earner these days surely has to be getting your music used in a TV ad or show.

One show that features a lot of music is the popular teen comedy Glee. In fact songs from Glee have been huge sellers of late.

In 2009 'Don't stop believing' by Journey became the first song to achieve 2 million downloads. Most of which can be atributed to the song being used for high rotation promos for the launch of Glee.

The song was also performed in the show and the cast version has recently gone gold with around half a million download sales.

Another 24 songs from Glee also made the US charts in 2009. That's amazing.

Of course the downside to the Glee success story is that we're very probably going to be inundated by numerous crap musical teen comedy shows that are nowhere near as good (or original) as Glee.

But at least some hard up musicians might make a few dollars from them.

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