Friday, 11 December 2009

Did Don Draper write this?

One of the interesting developments in the 3rd season of MadMen was the storyline involving Conrad Hilton.

Such a fascinating character I thought. In fact I often found myself wondering how true to life he actually was.

Very different to Paris Hilton that's for sure.

Of course back then international travel was generally something reserved for those with money.

Which is why travel advertising from that era is so interesting. This Hilton Hotels ad is a particularly good example.

It still exudes class and style even though it's close to 50 years old.

That ad is the antithesis of the sort of advertising done by the likes of Club Med or Contiki.

And it's a world away from the legendary Hans Brinker Hotel in Amsterdam.

But if I had to choose my next holiday based on a print ad I think I'd definitely plump for the oh so classy Don Draper style Nile Hilton.

Click the pic for a much better look.

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