Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tasteless scam

When is the scam ad problem at our industry award shows going to end?

I'm not talking about agency creatives taking an idea to a client and getting them to run it. That's initiative.

What I'm talking about are unscrupulous people who create work for clients they don't even have and enter it into award shows.

Not only is it dishonest. It also devalues the entire award process.

Which makes clients question the value of creativity. And that for me is a major problem.

Latest case in point are six people from DDB in Brazil who were awarded a Merit Award at the One Show for this print ad for WWF.

I think the ad's a bit tasteless to be honest and surprised it got a mention.

But not as surprised as the WWF themselves. Which is why they issued the following statement today:

"WWF strongly condemns this offensive and tasteless ad and did not authorize its production or publication. It is our understanding that it was a concept offered by an outside advertising agency seeking our business in Brazil. The concept was summarily rejected by WWF and should never have seen the light of day."

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