Thursday, 17 September 2009

Experts unlimited

I first got involved with digital media around the time that Rupert Murdoch first spoke about the Information Superhighway.

As you can imagine a lot has changed since then. In fact a lot has changed since as recently as last year if truth be told.

It really is a great time to be in the advertising/comms business with a new possibility created almost every week.

Mobile apps are a great example.

The Apple App Store is only about 18 months old. Yet apps have become so commonplace that AdAge are now promoting app workshops.

I wonder if they ran television advertising workshops back in the day? Doubt it.

Which for me highlights one of the problems with the contemporary ad biz. Snake oil salesmen.

Internet Evangelists. Social Media Gurus. SEO Specialists. And now App Experts.

For every new technology or innovation there will always be people looking to make a fast buck.

Sadly it's not from the technology itself but from their self proclaimed proficiency with it.

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