Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Looks familiar

There was much talk in adland a year or two ago about the use of Flickr images in a campaign for Virgin Mobile.

The people behind the ads defended what they had done by arguing that the Flickr pics were available to be used under Creative Commons.

This year's 'borrowed photo' story comes from Czech company Grazie.

Forget Creative Commons. They simply took this hi-res pic which they found on the internet and used it for their ad campaign!

The lady who owns the original pic posted it onto her Facebook as well as a couple of other social media sites. Nothing unusual about that.

By coincidence she has a Facebook friend who lives in the Czech Republic. And it was this friend who spotted the billboard.

Quite how Grazie got hold of the pic is anyone's guess. Stealing it then using it uncredited is pretty poor form though. Don't you think?

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