Monday, 22 June 2009

Emperor's New Clothes?

Does Australia really need another agency?

Yes. If they're going to be doing something new, amazing and never been done before.

No. If they use cliches like this:

“We are a new type of agency that goes beyond the world of advertising’s traditional media planning and buying dictate which is too often stuck in the old paradigm."

And how does a "new type of agency" announce their arrival down under?

Pavement stencils!

Kinda interesting me thinks. But not when they are supported by a rationale like this:

"Our targeted stencils go some way to support this point by challenging the accepted norms of targeting broad audiences “P25-54″ (all people aged 25-54) and the obsession of accountability by percentages such as 48.76% 2+ reach etc."

Far be it from little old me to tell a global media agency how to go about their business, but perhaps they might want to get a copywriter to look at their PR releases.

After all you can't be a "new type of agency" when you're peddling the same old corporate speak as everyone else.

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