Friday, 29 May 2009

The real Mad Men

This book was recommended to me by at the beginning of my career by one of my early mentors Marcus Tarrant.

I remember thinking it was a cracking read. Especially given it was several years old at the time.

Sadly it's very hard to find these days as it's been out of print for years.

No idea why.

I was flicking through my yellowing copy earlier this evening and I couldn't help thinking that a lot of the inspiration for Mad Men lay within its pages.

Surely there must be an enterprising publisher out there who could repackage the book with a pic of Don Draper and Co on the cover.

And perhaps a tastefully art directed starburst proclaiming Jerry Della Femina as one of the original Mad Men.

I know I'd buy it - even though I already have a copy!

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