Sunday, 1 February 2009

Postcards from the future me

I used to love internet memes. At least until I started getting included in them.

Luckily I haven't been annointed for a while.

Oops! Spoke too soon.

Seems my favourite blogger from the future has invited me to think about my future self.

Can't be arsed to be honest. But I've got nothing better to do on this hot winday Sunday evening.

So here goes:

I'll eventually sell my share of the agency I started back in 2010 with Ed and Tait from Junior.

With the proceeds from the sale the wife and I will get to finish the 2nd storey extention on our house in the hills overlooking St Tropez.

Of course living in the South of France has meant that I have had to step down from my honorary position as President of the St Kilda Football Club. Carn the Sainters!

Steve Hurley and I were asked to do a TV version of our Music for Melancholics podcast back in 2012. Sadly the Australian switchover to digital doesn't go as smoothly as the Turnbull goverment had planned. Resulting in us producing a show that nobody ever sees.

Finally in 2015 my daughter brings her new boyfriend home to meet the family. He's a 26 year old self made millionaire called Zac Martin. Apparently he made his millions with a print media start up folowing the bursting of the social media bubble in 2011.

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