Monday, 26 January 2009

Twitter or Waffle?

Although a late adopter of Twitter I have learnt a lot about its charms and powers in the 50 something days that I have been using it.

In fact my Around the Blogosphere column for the March issue of Marketing magazine is going to be about my early days on Twitter.

Suffice to say I am now a complete convert to all 140 characters of the Tweet.

However it does have one great failing. Social media experts.

Self proclaimed social media experts to be precise.

I'm heavily involved in social media myself both personally and professionally. And I get a great deal out of it.

The sort of people I'm talking about are essentially Twitter spammers.

People whose use of Twitter is anything but social I think.

Their sole focus seems to be racking up more followers.

And what do these people with thousands of followers Tweet about?

Very little from what I can see.

They post links. Often to their own self-centric blogs.

They endlessly re-Tweet each others Tweets about links to their blogs.

And when you click through to their blogs they write posts about the power of Twitter and how to make money off it.

Of course I don't have to follow these people. Getting them out of my Twitter feed takes little more than a mouse click.

But if I did that I wouldn't have written this post.

Pic borrowed from Hugh

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