Wednesday, 28 January 2009

To be or not to be

Imagine if Twitter had been around back in the days of William Shakespeare. He could have used it to beta test his works.

Here's what his famous the first 9 lines of his famous 'To be or not be be' soliloquy would have looked like:

"2 be, or nt 2 be: tht's the q:
Whether 'tis nblr in the mnd 2 sffr
The slngs & rrws of trgs frtn,
Or 2 tk rms gnst a sea of trbls,
by ppsng end thm? 2 die: 2 zzz;
No mr & by a zzz 2 say we end
The hrt-ache & the thsnd ntrl shcks
That flsh is hr 2, 'tis a cnsmmtn
Devoutly 2 be wsh'd. 2 die, 2 zzz;"


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