Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Enough already

It doesn't take much effort to spot the print ads that were 'created' to enter into award shows.

You know the type of thing - Big visual. Tiny logo. Maybe a small tagline.

I've even got a few of these kind of ads in my own folio.

Thing is they seem to be coming almost a standardised format.

Just take a look the the big winners at Cannes and similar shows.

Today I came across a comment on the Campaign Brief blog.

Sadly it sums up the situation perfectly.

"There is only one style.

My style. The one my friends do. The one that wins at Cannes.

That's advertising. That's what my CD says.

That's what the guys in Campaign Brief with the cool t-shirts say.

It's the only way. Deviating from it proves you're an idiot."

Obviously this was written by someone with their tongue wedged firmly in their cheek.

But they make a very good point. Don't you think?