Sunday, 9 November 2008

Old skool adman

Adweek has just posted a fascinating interview with 57 year advertising executive Steven Stein.

Steven who? - You're probably thinking.

Perhaps you may know him better as his alter ego Steinski.

For those of you not familiar with Steinski blame the complex laws of copyright.

Back in the early 80's Steven Stein worked at DDB where he created campaigns for the likes of VW, Polaroid and Atari.

At home however Stein spent his time cutting up tape loops and sound bites and creating music so innovative it stills sounds fresh today.

Sadly much of his work as Steinski has gone un-heralded due to a million and one copyright infringement notices.

Click here for the Steven Stein interview.

To get what I consider to be Steinski's finest 4 1/2 minutes for your iPod click here.

Copyright be dammed!