Wednesday, 17 September 2008

BigPond or big dud?

Spring arrived with a vengeance in Melbourne this morning so I dusted off the Vespa and rode into work.

I'm so glad I did.

Not because it was a great ride. But because I missed out on those guys in suits with TV sets on their heads at the Flinders St station.

Believe it or not they're spruiking the wares of Australia's biggest ISP and wannabe mobile music retailer BigPond.

According to BigPond spokesman Peter Habib, "The idea behind the TV sets was partly to highlight the fact that the telco's entertainment stores could be accessed on the move from Telstra Next G mobile phones."

The TV heads also "Replicate the diverse entertainment that is available at BigPond", said Habib.

I'm all for PR stunts and ambient ideas. But not when they involve blokes in suits with TVs on their head at my railway station.