Thursday, 7 August 2008

You can't be serious

JWT in the UK are celebrating the 40th birthday of the introduction of planning into the ad business.

As part of their celebrations they had an event with talks from several of the best known names in planning.

You can see videos of the speeches here.

Of course you can't have a planning get together without a blog and one has been set up for the event.

The blog is heavily JWT branded. It also states that it is copyright JWT 2008.

So why oh why does it carry the following disclaimer?

"The Opinions Expressed Herein Are My Own Personal Opinions And Do Not Represent My Employer's View In Anyway."

What a cop out!

This is a JWT blog.
It carries JWT branding.
It is for an event organised by JWT.

Just who is JWT's employer?
And who cares what they think anyway?