Saturday, 9 August 2008

Advice for pitch winners

My computer at the agency got sick recently and went off to the Mac doctor. I finally got it back last week. A whole lot healthier but minus all my internet bookmarks.

So over the last couple of days I've been rediscovering blogs I haven't been to in while as I update all my missing bookmarks.

One of them was Yonder Ponder, where James recently shared this lovely piece of advice on celebrating a pitch win.

"Here are a few tips for celebrating the good news:

Search out the folks that presented (in person) and shake their hands. Look them in the eye. Congratulate them as you might congratulate someone who has just had a baby, gotten married, survived crucial surgery.

The copy-all 'great job everyone' email is spam. The handshake on a different floor of the building is something we like to call 'a little extra effort'. People remember your handshake. And remember that you know who they are (even if you didn't know who they were until right then.)

Drink-buying is a good idea. Asking to see the work is a great idea. Asking to work on the business is an outstanding idea.

Take credit humbly and graciously. And spread it around.And savor it because it's not an every-day thing. Even for the good guys."