Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Too single minded

I know it's an unfair way of looking at it, but it's hard to get this very clever ad when it's seen at this size.

Click it to enlarge if you wish.

If you do you'll see the word waterproof sitting below the brand name.

Waterproof shoes made from umbrellas. Get it!

As I said before, it's very clever. But...

Is this ad too single minded?

So focussed on the waterproof proposition that it fails to communicate anything else?

I think it is.

It's not the only press ad like this out there either.

Award shows are full of them. Ads with such a strong focus on the proposition that the brand seems to fall by the wayside.

Whilst it's great to strive for single mindedness, should we be sacrificing communication of the brand to do so?

Creative by APEX BBDO - El Salvador