Saturday, 26 July 2008

A splash of fun at work

In all the time I've worked in advertising I've never been to a client office or factory that made me wish I worked there.

They're always so dull.

I seem to remember Hewlett-Packard having a great art collection, but the building itself was just another grey drab concrete office block.

Which is why I really love what Ford have done with their factory in Cologne.

This is where the soon to be released Fiesta is being built.

To celebrate this, as well as tieing in with the launch campaign, the factory has been given a colourful maker and been rebranded as the Love Factory.

It's so good to see brand values being embraced by more than just the marketing team.

Similarly here in Australia Boral have given their concrete trucks a hippy makeover.

And the reason for this transformation? To celebrate the addition of new trucks to their fleet which run on an environmentally friendly gas.