Wednesday 30 July 2008

Seems people do like advertising

The Gruen Transfer.

A TV show about advertising on the commercial free ABC network.

Sounded like a recipe for failure to me.

Looked like it too after the first episode.

However despite a few early teething problems the show has gone from strength to strength.

What started out as a bunch of industry insiders and in-jokes has become one of the ABC's most popular programs.

The first season comes to a close tonight with a second season already commissioned.

To see just how popular the show is take a look at these stats:

During its 10 week run over 10,000 ads were created on the Gruen website.

There are 2,000 friends of the show on Facebook.

The Gruen website has had over 1.8 million page views.

Almost 1.3 million people tune in to watch every week.

Best of all the show has raised awareness of the industry, which has seen colleges and universities innundated with people wanting to know how to get in to advertising.

Which means, I guess, the show is a terrific ad for advertising.

On the commercial free ABC!