Wednesday, 26 March 2008

TV shows - Who needs 'em?

Both my kids were very excited when Channel 10 started advertising the return of Friends to fill the 7pm spot over summer.

Quite why I don't know, as we have several seasons of the show on DVD.

Recently however, Ruby noticed that some of the episodes were slightly different to the ones on the DVDs.

Which lead me to suspect that the shows were being edited.

But why?

Surely not to allow Channel to insert even more ads?

Today I saw a letter to The Guide about this matter.

Rather than paraphrase, here it is in its succinct entirety:

"I have noticed the editing of Friends by Ten, not to mention the fast play that makes them move at twice the correct speed. Soon we'll be watching ads with short program breaks. When quality and quantity are gone, what are we left with?"

My thoughts exactly!