Sunday, 2 March 2008

Get out of advertising

I was reading an interesting post on Advertising for Peanuts yesterday about having interests outside of the ad biz.

In the post they quoted Tom Burrell, who had this to say, "If you don’t have a life outside, you don’t have anything to bring to the job."

Tom and the Peanuts crew were talking about people in the creative department.

I believe getting out of advertising is even more important for account people.

Where I work, most of the suits have lunch at their desk.

Whereas I try whenever possible to get out for a wander at lunchtime.

That's a brief wander by the way - not a boozy lunch.

I stop by a gallery, browse in a book or music store or simply sit with a sandwich and do a bit of people watching.

Of course sometimes work gets in the way, but I do get out of the office quite a lot at lunch.

Meanwhile....back in account management, they're working away, picking at a salad or warmed up food from home.

Who do you think is more inspired for the afternoon?

At least once a week I get an email with a meeting request scheduled during lunchtime.

When I say I am unavailable, these meetings are always resheduled.

So why schedule them at lunchtime in the first place?

Is it just me, or are too many people so focussed on their job that they forget about what's important - the work.