Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Unwrapping an Apple

Last night my son Max was watching Superbowl ads on YouTube.

One of the ads that came up in his search was the Apple 1984 ad.

"Seen it before Dad. What's so special about it?"

I explained to him how before that ad there were no Macs to speak of.

He found it hard to comprehend a world without Macs.

Although he's only eleven, he loves Apple products.

I suspect he's not alone in his Apple advocacy.

My iPod skips every time I go for a walk with it in the morning. I curse it each time it does this, yet I still love it.

Apple is a brand that generates that kind of passion.

Today I stumbled on a fantastic Flickr set of a man and his new Mac.

Not just any Mac mind you, but a brand new, still wrapped in plastic 1988 Apple IIc.

Click here to see Apple advocacy captured in photos by Kathryn Yu.