Friday, 8 February 2008

Interactive is better than digital

I was catching up on ad news from the UK this morning on the Brand Republic site, when the title of a blog post caught my eye.

“What is digital?”

This is a great question I think, especially now that most of us are watching digital TV.

So what is the answer?

According to the Brand Republic post, digital is an outdated term, as is online and, although they consider it the closest, interactive.

I’m not sure I completely agree.

I’ve said on many occasions that good direct marketing is truly interactive. Way more interactive than a few clicks of a mouse.

Of course these days a lot of digital work is also a much more interactive than a few mouse clicks.

Which means, I think, that interaction is something we’re all looking to achieve with our work. Regardless of the medium.

As for the question what is digital?

Guess the Brand Republic post was right – it is an outdated term.

So what do we call it?