Tuesday, 4 December 2007

What's holding us back?

Melbourne Coffee Morning.

Many have tried. Many have failed.

At least I think they have. I may be wrong.

However following the lead of Mr Russell Davies cities across the globe are holding regular Friday coffee mornings.

Casual get togethers for advertising, design, creative, arty, blogging types.

People like the lovely Lauren.

Having recently returned from London, where she was a coffee morning regular, Lauren is looking to get a Melbourne version up and running.

I’m keen to join her. How about you?

Obviously it’s tough to organise a time and place to suit everyone, so here are a few central options from Lauren.

If you’re up for a brew and a chat, leave your preferred time and place in the comments.

Option 1
Journal Cafe on Flinders Lane

Option 2
Section 8 Container Bar/Cafe in Tattersalls Lane

Option 3
Nick's on Queen St

Option A
Friday, 8am

Option B
Friday, 9:30am

Option C
Friday, 11am

Come on, there must be something suitable in that list!