Saturday, 3 November 2007

The humble laptop

I am writing this post on a white MacBook, sitting at the table with my son who is having his breakfast.

Nothing out of the ordinary in that really. But then I got to thinking.

How amazing is the computer and, even more so, the laptop?

It takes multitasking to a whole new level.

Sitting in front of this white slab with a keyboard and screen I am writing.

In a few minutes I will publish this writing and anyone in the world will be able to read it.

They'll also be able to comment on it and, should they choose, engage in conversation with me about it.

Whilst writing I am listening to Sufjan Stevens, but not on a CD player. In fact I don't own any of his CDs.

From my kitchen in Melbourne I caught up on the morning news from newspapers in New York, London and Sydney.

I read that Sufjan Stevens is performing at the Sydney Festival in January, so I wrote a Sticky Note on my desktop to remind me to buy tickets.

I will use my MacBook to buy those tickets and also book flights and a hotel.

If I wanted to know about any of the things I have just written about I have access to more information than all the libraries in the world combined.

I can watch TV and movies and listen to radio on my computer while I work. Not to mention staying in touch with all of my friends and family.

The longer I thought about the possibilities brought about by the computer and the internet the more in awe of it I became.

And yet, when I spoke to 10 year old Max about all the things the computer lets me do, he said, "Yeah...Hmm. Sure Dad."

Forget digital natives.

He's from a generation who take computers for granted.

Who knows what his kids will be like.