Thursday, 27 September 2007

And what do you do?

Spent a lovely afternoon at a client presentation today. The client loved both our concepts, so an afternoon well spent.

It did start off a little awkwardly though.

Piling into the car there was me, obviously, my art director and not one, not two, but three suits.

A bit excessive me thinks, especially since we were presenting a couple of ideas for a direct mail piece.

After arriving at the client we are walking towards reception. The art director is carrying the ideas and the two senior suits are on their phones.

I'm bringing up the rear with the junior suit.

"Did you leave your bag in the car?" he asks. "What bag?" I replied.

"Don't you need a pad and pen for the presentation?" he says. "No" I replied, "that's what you're here for isn't it?"

Driving home tonight I wondered if that was the right thing to say.

Then I remembered there were not one, not two, but three suits at the presentation.