Saturday, 18 August 2007

Behind closed doors

Last week I began posting my columns from Marketing magazine onto a new blog that I had set up.

My first column took a look at agencies that blog.

Yesterday I received a terrific comment on the post from Steven Noble.

I'd like to share it with you:

"If advertising agencies are, as you suggest, not generally out there blogging in public, then they're passing up an invaluable opportunity to connect with others and to share and test their ideas.

In any professional service — whether advertising, PR, management consulting, whatever — what you're selling is your people and their knowledge, passion and ideas. Keep all that behind closed doors, and you can't expect the world to come knocking forever.

Of course, if you're showing off your people, then you'll want them to show they can be professional and discrete. Airing your own laundry is one thing; airing anyone else's is unforgivable, unless you don't have or want a lasting relationship with them.

But learning what's OK and what's definitely not when blogging is just part of the process of maturing as a blogger, and as a consultant or creative professional"

Thanx to SVW for the pic.