Friday, 22 June 2007

Clever Kids

I've been working with a client this week on a project involving the Habbo Hotel.

My son Max and his buddies are regular visitors to Habbo, so of course I discussed a few of my ideas with him.

He loved most of the stuff I showed him, as did the client.

When I came home from work today he showed me something he'd won in a Habbo competition.

It was a pretty naff prize to be honest, but what he'd done with it was just brilliant.

I kept an eye on him as he wandered around the hotel chatting.

His chat lines were so funny. Sharp barbs and one liners.

Much funnier than a lot of the stuff I'd written.

Suitably impressed, I asked him what his Habbo name was.

It was heaps better than the selection of names I'd come up with for our character.

I'm now contemplating bringing the brief home for him to work on over the weekend.

Thing is, he's only 10 years old.

Bloody kids!