Thursday, 7 June 2007

And on the 8th day....

There are many things that are instantly recognisible as Italian.

Pasta. Peroni. Gelati. Armani. Alfa.

And, most iconic of all, Vespa scooters.

For me the concept of Peugeot trying to sell scooters to Italians is surely the motorised equivalent of selling coals to Newcastle.

If you were to take on this seemingly impossible task, I doubt very much that you'd use another great Italian icon, The Sistine Chapel, and use it to flog French scooters.

Even if you did, I doubt you'd ever consider pissing off this most Catholic of people by using a headline like 'And Peugeot created the scooter'.

Just to recap - They're trying to get Italians off their Vespas and onto Peugeot scooters by ripping off the Sistine Chapel ceiling and taking the piss out of a quote from the Bible.

Somehow I doubt they're selling like hot cakes!