Monday, 7 May 2007

White Pages Weirdness

I’m meeting someone for coffee tomorrow at a café called Two Fingers.

I wasn’t sure of the address so I decided to check it with the White Pages online.

The intricacies of how search engines work are a mystery to me. And also to the folks at White Pages online, if their results to my query are anything to go by.

I knew the café was in Russell St, so I entered the following into the search fields:

Business Name – Two Fingers

Street – Russell

Top of the White Pages list was exactly what I was looking for - Two Fingers, 27 Russell St.

Strangely an additional 34 possibilities were also listed.

I have no idea why, as none of them featured both Two and Fingers in the business name.

Here’s a couple of the oddest names that were listed:

Act Two Electro Painters, Australian Two Way Radio Rentals, Bestcorp Two Pty Ltd, Cheap & Hot Two Dollar Plus and thirty more unlikely candidates.

Weird. Very weird.