Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Recipe for success

The creatives from Fallon London weren’t joking when they wrote that the Skoda Fabia was full of lovely stuff.

Here’s the recipe for the car cake in the Skoda TVC:

10kg white chocolate chunks
20kg raisins
3kg orange peel strips
25kg dried apricot
12.5kg raspberry jam
5kg cocoa powder
100kg wheat flour
180 fresh eggs
100kg caster sugar
90kg brown sugar paste
50kg icing sugar
40kg black sugar paste
20kg glacier cherries
50kg white sugar paste
30kg brown almonds
42kg chocolate fudge

The team behind the Skoda cake were intending to cut it up once filming had finished and distribute it to local charities, schools and hospitals.

Sadly several days under hot studio lights made the cake inedible, so it ended up being composted for use by gardeners in East London.