Friday, 18 May 2007

For Sale - The Tick

Call me naive.

Tell me I’m gullible.

I thought a Tick from the Heart Foundation was something a product had to earn.

A mark of approval from an official authority which implied that a product was healthy and good for you.

Like I said, call me naive, because I came across this ad in Marketing magazine this morning.

An ad for the Heart Foundation Tick. Who’d have thought!?

I cropped the copy off the scan, as it was too small to read. Here’s what it said:

"Nearly 70% of grocery buyers would buy a food with the Tick over one without it.

So it makes sense that the Tick on your product can add value to your brand.

To find out how the Tick could help you stand out from the competition and increase sales, please call…."

No need to call me naive anymore. Just call me cynical.