Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Copywriters are so hot right now

US job search site Yahoo Hot-Jobs has nominated copywriter as one of the top five in demand professions for 2007.

According to Hot-Jobs:

"Demand for skilled copywriters is rising as more companies require compelling content for Web-based initiatives and print advertising.

In fact, in a survey by our company, 60 percent of advertising and marketing executives who plan to hire new employees said they'll be adding copywriters."

I did a quick search of the Hot-Jobs site for copywriting jobs and it returned a whopping 264 opportunities.

Me thinks it's time all those frustrated AWARD and RMIT graduates who are hustling their folios around Melbourne bought themselves a one way ticket to the USA.

Given that Hot-Jobs also reckons copywriting salaries will increase by around 6% this year, I might have to consider a move to the US myself.