Thursday, 19 April 2007

Show me the money

There’s a beautifully shot, but incredibly cheesy, Chanel lipstick ad currently running on the TV.

I read in the paper today it was directed by none other than French jump cut pioneer Jean Luc Godard.

Now there’s a man I didn’t think I’d ever see behind the camera on an advertising shoot.

Although having said that, I seem to recollect a weird jeans ad he may or may not have done in France several years back.

Now another unexpected name has turned up in adland – master of macho dialogue Mr David Mamet.

Obviously things must be a little slow in the world of theatre, so Mamet has turned his hand to directing a series of tv spots for Ford in the US.

Hopefully the ads will help clear a few Fords off the lot.

If they don’t, perhaps Mamet can get Alec Baldwin to reprise his role in Glengarry Glen Ross and scare people into buying a Ford.