Friday, 9 March 2007

Where the bloody hell's Lara?

M&C Saatchi’s ‘So where the bloody hell are you?’ campaign has helped Australia land an extra $1.8 billion tourism dollars over the past twelve months.

A large part of the ads success can no doubt be put down to bikini babe Lara Bingle and her enthusiasm for the word bloody.

It certainly had the Brits all a tizzy last year. So much so that Oz tourism minister Fran Baily had to jet over to Blighty to sort the Poms out.

Talking of Poms, these tourism figures could also have resulted from a massive influx of English cricket supporters for this summer’s Ashes series.

Then again, given that the lovely Lara was seen in the company of cricketer Michael Clarke at most of the Ashes games, perhaps she was a lot more responsible for the tourism numbers than the tourism people realise.