Thursday, 29 March 2007

Virtual bricks and mortar

I’ve just being reading that Amsterdam has been sold on eBay for $50,000.

Thing is it’s not the real city in Holland, it’s the virtual Amsterdam in Second Life!

That’s fifty thousand big ones for something that doesn’t actually exist – or does it?

I’m really not sure.

The virtual Amsterdam looks pretty much like the real one with tall skinny houses, cobbled streets, canals and women in windows.

And believe it or not those women are making just as much money as their counterparts in the real world.

In a documentary on the ABC’s Four Corners last week, the man behind the virtual Amsterdam claimed that there are prostitutes in Second Life who earn around $4,500 a week.

With that kind of income, I can’t help wondering if it was a virtual working girl who snapped up Amsterdam on eBay.

At $4,500 a week it would only take about three months to save up the money.