Tuesday, 6 March 2007

A tasty combination

Whilst on holiday in Cape Town a few years back my kids and I got a taste for Simba chips.

One flavour in particular that we loved was, believe it or not, chutney.

It sounds so wrong, but it tastes so right.

There's a South African foodstore near where I live and I often stop by to pick up a few bags of Simba for the kids.

This morning I saw they had a few new flavours and one of them in particular really caught my eye.

Nando's Peri Peri.

What a great idea. It was even co-branded with the Nando's logo and a pic of a Peri Peri sauce bottle.

It's a wonder we don't see more of this sort of thing, particularly on the snack food market.

I reckon if they introduced Vegemite flavoured chips here in Oz they'd sell like hot cakes.

In fact I can't believe it hasn't already been done.