Sunday, 18 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

Driving home from the city on Friday I noticed a hawkers market had been set up on the banks of the Yarra on the Crown Promenade.

Must be the Chinese New Year I thought to myself.

The Year of The Pig, or DingHai as it's known formally, kicks off today.

The A-League football grand final is also today.

This coinciding of events had me a little puzzled.

You see last year my son Max and I went to the hawkers market after a football game, but it was in January.

I took the pic above while we were there.

So why is the new year being celebrated in mid February this time 'round?

A quick google search revealed that last year, the Year of The Dog, was a leap year.

And rather than adding a day as we do in the international calendar, the Chinese calendar adds a whole month.

A whole month!

Now that's what I call a calendar.