Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Don't follow me, I'm lost too

When I was in Sydney the other week, I got in and out of two taxis because the drivers had no idea how to get to where I wanted to go.

Still it could have been worse. I could have got picked up by a taxi driver who got his directions via Google Maps.

Seems they have less idea about finding their way around Sydney than the taxi drivers I turned away.

The SMH reports that a trip across the street from the Shelbourne Hotel at 200 Sussex St to Google headquarters at 201 Sussex St via Google Maps directions would involve a 10km detour that requires crossing the Harbour Bridge twice.

That’s for a trip that requires nothing more than crossing the road.

Oh, I forgot to mention Google’s recommended route would also set you back three bucks in bridge tolls.

Looking to deflect the issue, Google's Carl Sjogreen claimed that Google Maps in Australia was still a beta product.

Pardon the pun, but it sound’s to me like it probably still has a fair way to go.