Thursday, 30 November 2006

Are ads really that bad?

Proving once and for all that the Germans really don’t have a sense of humour is legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog.

It seems that old Werner was less than happy with the number of ads interrupting the showing of one of his films on TV recently.

Said Herzog, “Centuries from now our great-great-great grandchildren will look back at us with amazement at how we could allow such a precious achievement of human culture as the telling of a story to be shattered into smithereens by commercials.”

Fair enough, I guess.

However he then went on to say, “The same amazement we feel today when we look at our ancestors for whom slavery, capital punishment, burning of witches, and the inquisition were acceptable everyday events.”

I guess this means we won’t be seeing any of Werner’s work on the next Shots reel then.