Sunday, 22 October 2006

Remixers wanted

The much anticipated Jonathan Glazer directed Sony Bravia ad broke this week and as expected it has got a lot of people talking.

Sadly most of them seem to be talking about the music in the ad. Not the hypnotic visuals. Not the creepy clown. The music.

Of course the team behind the ad were pretty much on a hiding to nothing anyway, having to follow up on one of the most loved ads of recent times.

I hate to say it but I’m not a fan of the music either. I love the ad but the music just doesn’t have the emotional resonance of the Jose Gonzales track in the Balls ad.

Looks to me like it’s time for the mash-up masters to start remixing the ad and uploading it to YouTube.

I think those dancing paint bombs would choreograph beautifully with a bit of Basement Jaxx.

Even better, how about a bit of old school Jamaican dub. I can picture it now. Rumbling bass, splashes of hi-hat and a touch of echo. Now you’re talking.

In fact, how about Sony commission a series of remixes with different soundtracks to run during different types of programs.

Sure it’ll be expensive, but it’s not like they haven’t spent a whole bunch of money already anyway.