Monday, 2 October 2006

Come on Aussie come on

B&T magazine has commissioned the boys over at Bannerblog to write a monthly column featuring their top 5 banner ads.

Sadly their first top 5 doesn’t feature a single online ad from down under.

If the boring banners I see each and every time I open my web browser are anything to go by I can’t see this situation changing for sometime.

The big question is why?

One of Australia’s greatest creatives, David Droga, picked up the Cyber Lion at Cannes this year.

The Wedding Crashers website by Tequila Sydney won gold at ADMA. It also achieved an amazing 3.5 million unique visitors in its first week.

We obviously have pretty decent digital talent here in Australia. We just can’t do brilliant banners.

Come on Aussies prove me wrong. Pleeease.