Saturday, 23 September 2006

It's Brian Eno on the phone

Nokia have really upped the ante in the mobile phone war with their glossy four page cover wrap on today’s Good Weekend magazine.

It wasn’t the indulgent photography or even the wrap itself that caught my eye. It was the headline “Soundscaped by Brian Eno.”

Surely not the same Brian Eno who, when asked in music mag Q back in 2001 if he’d ever composed his own ring tones replied, “I can’t believe that anyone could even be interested in thinking about such a thing.”

Who knows how much Nokia must have paid to entice the ambient music godfather and producer of U2 to create so called ‘sonic textures’ for the new Nokia Sirocco.

It must have been a fair bit as the phone has a retail price of around $1700 in Europe with the Oz price yet to be confirmed.

Q mag quote via EnoWeb