Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Interview with Mr Lovemark

I recently stumbled across an interesting interview with Kevin Roberts in The New York Sun.

Despite being so busy he had to do the interview via email the Saatchi head honcho had some great quotes to share.

"I'm a radical optimist," he wrote. "We live in the Age of the Idea and the Consumer is Boss."

He described the ad industry as the most exciting it's ever been. The challenges he says are "Keep attracting the bravest and most innovative, and have the courage to unleash and inspire them by getting out of their way."

Kevin believes great ideas can come from anywhere. The client, the agency, the media agency, the consumer.

His final point seemed a little obvious to me, but it's worth reiterating.

"It's about getting together, developing a holistic consumer-driven idea, then figuring out how to emotionally engage with the consumer at every touch point in new, exciting ways."

Click here for the interview in full.