Monday, 7 July 2014

FIFA versus the fans

As far as I am concerned corporate sponsorship is ruining modern sport.

Everything is 'official' this and 'official' that.

But what about the fans?

And what about the fans in the age of social media?

I've always argued that people playing with your brand elements should be encouraged. Not discouraged.

This is especially true when it comes to the World Cup.

Whilst FIFA are more than happy to turn a blind eye to constant cries of corruption and the death of workers in Qatar they don't do it to small scale things.

Like football lovers using FIFA brand elements for Twitter and other media.

Apparently cease and desist letters have been sent to footy fans using World Cup elements like in the pic above.

Now it's happening to people posting clips to Vine as well.

Honestly why do they bother?

Nobody gets harmed? No real revenue is lost by FIFA.

It's just corporate bullying at its worst.